FreeRapid Downloader 0.85 Update 1 Build 566 , released on 1st January 2011


FreeRapid Downloader 0.85 Update 1 Build 566

FreeRapid Downloader 0.85 Update 1 Build 566 のダウンロードリンク

変更点としては、Windows 7へのサポート、PluginのAPIなどが追加されました。

Added : Support for Polish, Bulgarian, Korean, Portugal (Brasil), Finnish, Hebrew language - thanks to all translators!
Added : Support for grouping FRD application in taskbar for Windows 7
Added : Experimental - you have to enable it manually in file for now
- Support for deleting files to recycle bin
- Support for searching subtitles on (popmenu on selected files)
Added : Plugin API
- ScriptUtils class for easy JavaScript manipulation
Changed: Internal - enhanced ESET antivirus detection, which is blocking FRD to start
Changed: Internal - enhanced detection of not writable plugins directory
Changed: Internal - list of languages is represented in file languages.xml, was removed
Fixed: Internal - plugin API - small problem in MethodBuilder when parsing name attribute
Fixed: Linux - cannot connect server problem - was updated
  1. 言語パッケージ追加
  2. の手動編集ができるようになりました
  3. プラグインのAPI追加
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