We have released one of the most advanced uploading feature that a file host has ever released,
The FileSonic Affiliate Plugin.

It is an easy to use tool to simplify your Affiliate tasks. A tool that will help any affiliate to Remote Upload easily.

For more information, please visit :


From here on it’s smooth sailing. Simply browse through the functions of the plugin and start making your daily tasks easier. You can browse the list of features below with small pictorials on how to use each function.

Features: Remote Uploading

Remote Upload:

You can Remote Upload by right-clicking on a link and selecting “Remote Upload to FileSonic” or By opening the Remote Upload dialog box and pasting you links in.

Features: Link Extractor

Link Extractor:

You can parse a page for file host links by simply clicking on the plugin icon (bottom right of browser) and clicking on “Link Extractor”

Features: Link Checker

Link Checker:

You can check if links on a page are still online by simply clicking on the plugin icon (bottom right of browser) and clicking on “Link Checker”

Features: My FileSonic

My FileSonic:

You can easily browse the website by going into the “My FileSonic” menu and selecting the page you wish to reach.

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